Keep On Lovin’Me – New msuic

New dance song, song „Keep On Lovin’Me”, by Polish DJ Alesandi. This catchy upbeat song was created in collaboration with American singer Alina Renae and was released by the legendary Italian label Bliss Corporation.
In addition, it was in 3rd place in the global list of Submithub Top25 in the category “Electronic Music”. If you are looking for an optimistic song for your listeners to lift your spirits at this difficult time for all of us and would like to add “Keep On Lovin’Me” to your rotation, I am sending you links below to download the radio version and a link to the video clip.


Metric details of the song:
Performer: Alesandi, Alina Renae
Song title: Keep On Lovin’Me
Author of the song: Alesandi
Author of the text: Alina Renae
Label: Bliss Corporation, The Dominion

Source: Karolina Łukaszewicz / Alesandi’s Team