Netherlands bans big events until covid-19 vaccine was created

The coronavirus pandemic situation in the world is getting more and more serious. One of the most affected sectors during this great global economic crisis, is certainly the entertainment sector. During these past few weeks we have been able to report some tactics for events to re-create, such as Germany’s show drive ins , but other countries have decided to take more rigorous action, as their nation’s future is quite uncertain in a health crisis like the that we live.

This past week, the Dutch health minister, Hugo de Jonge , announced that large events, read here great shows, parties, festivals, conferences and the like, will only be allowed in Holland again after there was a vaccine against coronavirus available to the population. Another restriction announced was that all events in the country were banned until the temporary date of 1 September.

Certainly the Amsterdam Dance Event , the biggest dance music conference in the world, was hit hard with this announcement, but we know that Holland is definitely known worldwide for its incredible summer events, once again the entertainment support team suffers, who needs financial assistance to stay unemployed. While we have no new predictions on the subject, either abroad or here in Brazil , stay at home, take care of your mental health and be entertained by the thousands of online opportunities that the music industry is creating for your audience.