Roderic H – I Do Not Care

Roderic H delivers a mesmerizing, and relaxing deep house single ‘I Do Not Care’. This  release features a notalgic deep house style with a vocal reminiscing that of the  early Kaskade years. The vocal will hook the listeners in with the angelic tones lying on  top of a groovy melodic beat. ‘I Do Not Care’ features more of a down-tempo deep  house style that will put the listeners in a state of trance. Undoubtedly, ‘I Do Not Care’  has the ability to resonate with the listener as it contains a unique style and sound  that will differentiate the track with others. Roderic H does an outstanding job of  introducing new elements that keep the track refreshing and engaging. ‘I Do Not  Care’ is a track that will sit well with any electronic music aficionado as it is engaging,  unique, and soothing.
About Roderic H  
Roderic H is a music producer and keyboard player from Estonia. He`s been studying  piano and accordion since the age of 7. In his music career, he`s been playing  keyboards professionally for over 15 years in various bands. At the moment he is the  keyboardist and music writer in Estonian pop-rock band “Maria Stuart”   As an electronic music producer he loves melodic harmonies, old-school  synthesizers and music to him are always about the emotions, not so much about  the sound. He always pays attention to melodies, velocity, and harmonies. Following  modern sounds and popular standards are not important for him.
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